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Las Vegas Outdoor Summer Activities

Everyone loves spending time outside in Las Vegas during the summer. There’s just something invigorating about the hot weather. Unfortunately that hot weather can get in the way of some outdoor activities. One of my first visits to Las Vegas was for a bachelor party. We didn’t plan much besides a big dinner for the bachelor and to spend an afternoon riding dune buggies in the desert. The day we had dune buggies planned for happened to be one of those days where it was 100 degrees before we woke up. We were skeptical about spending peak afternoon hours in dune buggies in the blazing sun and luckily (or unluckily) we didn’t have to. The friend that coordinated the dune buggy plans received a call that our outing was cancelled. We were both happy and sad about this so we just spent the day in and out of air conditioned casinos.

There are many fun outdoor activities in Las Vegas but you might want to make plans for an early arrival. Sometimes the sun makes these activities unbearable and, even worse, unhealthy. By planning your outings in the early morning hours you’ll miss the bulk of the extreme summer heat. Here are some tips on how to enjoy some of the different outdoor activities.


Dune buggies and off road ATV riding – Your best bet with these activities is to plan for the earliest time slot. Both are fun but can be physically exhausting and unsafe on the hottest summer days. It’s not very easy to stay hydrated while you’re driving through the desert sands.


Playing Golf – There are hundreds of golf courses in Las Vegas. The heat can be uncomfortable but it can also be dealt with if you stay away from caffeine and alcohol. You’ll pay a little more for early tee times and it’s usually worth it if you don’t love the heat. Unlike other other outdoor activities in Vegas you can wait until sundown to get on the course. There are more golf courses in Las Vegas than you might expect with lights.


Outdoor shooting ranges – Outdoor shooting ranges like Battlefield Vegas and Pro Gun Club can be fun but the heat can be a bit much during peak times. These outdoor gun ranges offer more options for shooting gun than the small indoor gun ranges. The heat takes a physical toll on your body which will hamper your shooting accuracy which can make for a disappointing outing. Head out early to get the most out of the experience.


Hiking at Red Rock Canyon – The best time of the day during the summer to take a hike in Red Rock Canyon is in the morning since the sun rises on the other side of town. If you get off to a late start but still want to check out the desert consider the scenic drive. The scenic drive costs under $10 and allows you to stay in your air conditioned car.


Horseback riding – You might be surprised with the amount of locations where you can go horseback riding in Las Vegas. Remember that you’re riding a live animal and the sun can affect both of you. Additionally he or she won’t perform well in the heat. Enjoy a relatively cool morning ride.


Jogging on the Vegas Strip – If you wake up early or come home from a late night just as the sun rises in the summer you might notice a sea of joggers on the Vegas Strip. While walking the strip is fine most of the day it’s always recommended for people to jog early. There’s even a possibility of shade since the sun rises behind the casinos on the east side of the Vegas Strip. Additionally there’s less foot traffic in your path when you run earlier. 5am and 6am may be the best time to get your run in for the day.


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